Aeternity -- the Art of War


For every new coin or token use case that shows promise. Enjin, Raven, 0x, Augur, Siacoin… etc… Create an incentive to draw in that exact team (admittedly would be difficult), or a capable competing team, to create that coin use-case on the Aeternity blockchain. Incentives should be greater than incubator incentives… Perhaps, give $200,000 to any team that would create the tokens on AE. Even established coins might find it enticing to build on AE because they already have their software designed. They could come over and build it up and collect the cash, but they should have incentive to not cash out and leave. Win their hearts, and minds over… even consider to build in features to Aeternity that would make the use of the AE platform synergistic with their prior platform (assuming it was Ethereum)… such as a reliable and easy to use interface/adaptor to communicate between blockchains (reading and writing).

This would draw in high caliber teams and attention to AE overall. And rapidly expand AE while AE (might have / has) a chance to catch up in the cryptosphere.


Yeah I’m not sure we want to do this. It has temporary effect only and we are here for the long run :slight_smile: