Aeternity traveler ambassador tour SPAIN ❤️


I’m starting the Aeternity traveler ambassador tour in Spain! :sunglasses: In the next two months I’ll be all around Spain meeting the local Blockchain-enthusiasts communities! 25 meetups! I’ve basically made a lot of contacts in social media and searching Telegram groups for exemple “Blockchain Nameofthecity”. Everybody has been very helpful contacting spaces like Co-working space, Universitys, Blockchain Associations…
It’s being a lot of effort and calls, email, messages and social media but It can be done.:raised_hands:


Hey @Manel, it sounds like you’re embarking on an epic journey :smiley:
Thank you for your work and efforts and don’t forget that we want to follow your trip closely - send us photos whenever you can and tell us about the people you meet :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your stories :slight_smile: