æVegas App v1.0.0 final report

Hello, everyone

Let me summarize some of the æVegas final reports over the past few months

App Title

AEVegas (v1.0.0 version)

App Description and Link to the Grant Application

Description: AEVegas is a decentralized open source prediction market AEPP that can publish any topic for users to conduct prediction markets. Using aeternity blockchain as the basis,Sophia smart contract written application.
link: [Active] SuperHero its Vegas Product development of the proposal



  1. Complete WEB page 80% of the page design (home page, detail page, wallet, Logo, etc.)
  2. Complete the UI development of the homepage page framework
  3. Complete the UI development of the wallet page
  4. Complete UI development of personal page
  5. Complete the UI development of the detail page


  1. Adjust UI details, improve residual logic, and encapsulate components
  2. Write and test oracle smart contracts
  3. Get familiar with superhero wallet Integrate wallet into app


  1. Integrate the contract with the front end and connect the superhero wallet for invocation
  2. Optimize front-end functions and fix known problems
  3. Constantly optimize the contract and improve the possible loopholes
  4. Release the Bate version, so that users in the Chinese community can experience and feedback problems in advance, and fix problems

Summary of the Development with time report

In the past few months, we have encountered many difficulties in building the APP from scratch, but all of them have been solved. From UI building at the beginning to the development of smart contract later, to the recent integration wallet and contract extension, and finally deployed to the test network, enabling many users to experience the charm of Vegas . During this period, many users experienced it and modified some problems reported by users , Right now I think the first version of AEVegas is ready to be tested on the main web and have the SuperHero developers review the code and start promoting it


  1. AE main network update speed and JS-SDK speed update too fast
  2. There are not many oracle data providers for AE


1.As for the problem of updating too fast, you have to accept it, because updating fast means it is getting better and better
2.Since there are not many oracle providers for AE and AEVegas needs data to provide, it will not be able to run continuously if no one provides correct market results. We’ve come up with what seems like a good solution to this problem


We have added two types of market forecasts, personal and public
The answers to personal predictions are given by the creators
The answers to the public predictions are given by the community, and some people aggregate the data to calculate the highest vote-getters


Small oracles are built into the contract, the code is open-source, and the code is fully annotated

What can be improved?

I don’t think there is any need to improve it at present, it is kind of a game rule, later it may be better to increase the contract of oracle when predicting a fixed theme, such as predicting the price of BTC on a certain day, all this is automatically calculated, it will be better to add oracle at this time, of course, in the next version

Documentation and Video with links

This is the location of the source code, which is well documented

Specific gameplay can refer to the content I published in the forum (Both Chinese and English are included)

Contacts details for future questions of the community

In the AE community in any place I want to can contact with me, because I in any place, including the Telegram, Discord, QQ, WeChat, Email, forum.If the time difference is within the range of China, I will reply immediately. If the time difference is within the range of Europe, I will reply within 24 hours

The above is the final report of Vegas. Later, I will follow up and repair the problems and code maintenance of Vegas. Thanks to the friends of the foundation and the community


There is no doubt that you are doing a good job. Is there any progress here about the aens exchange?

AENS Market The development is in progress and will be online in July

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I am very much looking forward to this day.