AirGap Question


@aeternity-team Just to clarify, anyone who wants to use the AirGap wallet needs 2 phones? Or, ONLY if they want to use the vault?


Hey @RogueTycoon,

Thank you for this question, our developers will get back to you ASAP.

The AE Team


When to release Aepp?
After mainnet?


Never mind @aeternity-team, answered my own question. Cool app!


Hey @yanbosmu, it’s available now. Just downloaded it on play store!


@RogueTycoon At the moment you can use AirGap Vault & AirGap Wallet on one or two phones, this is up to you and the your personal security needs. As soon as the base æpp is live you can use it instead of AirGap Wallet and get a more streamlined Aeternity experience.

The Android apps can be found on the Google Play store, iOS will be released shortly.
AirGap Vault - Android
AirGap Wallet - Android


@RogueTycoon Thank you for testing AirGap! We’re more than glad for feedback, feel free to join us on Telegram.