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Give us some more information and context about this meetup :slight_smile:



The meetup was generally focused on the ongoing hackathon, bringing more developers and entrepreneurs to synergies, and also look at for other social problems in which the aeternity blockchain can solve.

Date: 9/2/2019
Venue: 60 Diya street, ifako-gbagada, lagos state.
Attendees: 27
Time: 12pm-3pm WAT

We have a web chat with Erik, he talked and answered some questions from the participants, i believed they we all happy to see him.

This questions include:
• Why is the Aeternity blockchain different
• Can Ae tokens be mined with smartphones.
• Series of questions surronding the starfleet projects. And many more.

We had an in-house discussion on the social/national problems in which Ae blockchain can solve in terms of transparency and scalability.

The miserable conditions of pensioners in were hitherto discussed in terms delayed payments of benefits, poorly coordinated verification exercises and huge arrears of entitlements, some after working for 35 years or more, somebody goes home with all their entitlemebt, which is very bad.

It is a truism that Pensioners in Nigeria truly constitute the new non-working poor whose gratuities and terminal benefits are either denied or paid to no one even when they are already dead.

smart contracts would save pensioners from pension fraud and. At the same time, all the data about the pensioners is recorded on the Ae blockchain and available for everyone who is determined enough to check the database. The transparency of the pensioners records makes fraud almost impossible.

As there’s no bureaucracy involved, transactions become fast and cheap. Moreover, the transparency guaranteed by the blockchain reduces the possible risks of fraud. Talked about how it aeternity blockchain can solve ingenuity of products on supply chain, we can combine IOT and smart contracts this will help, tracking of the way products from point of assembly before they arrive at the retail spot becomes automatic and transparent. At any given moment, you know where the goods are, in which conditions they’re stored, and when they would arrive, and we have that within us, and we look forward too from the aeternity team, we spoke to erik on how we can learn programmer, so we can make most of this plans a reality.

It ended with a resolving note, and how we can build something like this, we had a proper bonding, and the participants of the “what tha hack” African hackathon were recommended on their work, and we continue to support each and everyone of the.

Long live Aeternity! Long live Ae blockchain!!! Long live blockchain technology


Thank you for this great update!!!

Share with our Forum community what projects were suggested during the What the Hack! Hackathon, we are all very curious :slight_smile:


The representative from Aeternity lagos, Eben Osele, was working generating an algorithmic barcode for every product and recording it on the blockchain