Alphaday Data Aggregator Dashboard for the Aeternity community

Hello everyone,

I write this suggestion on behalf of Alphaday, a data aggregator dashboard exclusively for the Aeternity community.

We’d like to introduce you to Alphaday, a powerful crypto workflow aggregator that pulls in news, on-chain data, social media, web3 services and much more into one customizable UI.

We are currently in the process of building new dashboards for projects that have agreed to work with us. Please take some time to check out our Live (Beta) app page below, where we have already built dashboards for the Bankless, Arbitrum, and Verasity Communities:


Many more are coming very soon, as we’ve only just begun to build exclusive project dashboards.

If you’d like to see a similar dashboard for Aeternity, please give us a like.

All feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hey @Mike-Alphaday, glad to have you join our community! :raised_hands:

Your application looks super interesting and would surely help many developers to get up to speed more quickly, especially for comparing gas fees of different chains in real time.

I’m curious if your proposal would also include developing an oracle for price feeds based on the native oracles provided by the æternity protocol?


Hello @erik.chain, thank you for your feedback.

Price oracles sound interesting! Do you have an API that could feed us this data?

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It should be in here if I’m not mistaken:

CC: @marco.chain

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Thinking about this again, actually I’m not 100% sure if it makes sense to store the dashboard data on-chain with oracles.

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