AMA Session Atomic Wallet | Aeternity

I’m Christine, PR-manager of Atomic Wallet, a multicurrency decentralized crypto wallet (!

Since we’ve added Aeternity to our wallet, we’re inviting you for an AMA session in our Telegram Chat. Please, check out this doc: It’s the format of our AMA sessions.

We believe the AMAs are a great way to communicate with the users, have fun together, also because of the format (and experimenting with it), we’re sure it brings new traffic to both websites (ours and guest’s project) and make users really participate in the session.

it’d be good to have someone from the leadership present at the AMA. And of course, any representative who can tell about the project is welcome! Usually, we have 2-3 people from the team.

The session itself won’t take much time (about 60 min). We’ll make announcements in our socials (will ask you to share and retweet them) 1 or 2 days prior to the session.

The request for the AMA pool is to proceed with the distribution of the $AE to the winners of the quiz part and live chat at the session. The milestone is only one.

The rewards pool is $700-1000 as usual practice.

Our chat has over 15k participants. Usually, there are more than 1.5k users participate in AMA. Sometimes the website’s traffic can go up to 2x times.

@albena.chain or @theScientress

Hey @Christine,

Thank you for taking the time to write down this campaign.

However, CBCs are currently on hold due to other more pressing priorities and will be resumed in March.

Excuse us for the inconvenience.

Talk to you in March.