Ambassadors Hackathon Jos


I hosted a meetup today at nHub and spoke about the aeternity ambassadors hackathon and the reason for organizing the hackathon. I was able to introduce and encouraged them to take part in the aeternity101 course because we will expecting the hackathon winner to include some sophia synthax in their aepps and possibly have it deployed on aeternity. I had taken the dacade aeternity101 course and so it was easier talking with them about the course and how easy it is to participate and also the fact that it is incentivize. I also demonstrated my codes during the meetup. So it was engaging.
I gave an overview of what aeternity is all about and some of the distinct features of aeternity like Oracle and state channel. Also spoke about the first aeternity on-chain governance vote and the reason for the voting.

We looked at a couple of use cases like how tax payment applications can be deployed on the blockchain, voting application can also be deployed on the blockchain to check transparency and effective voting system but first of all it should start from the grass root to promote a bottom-up adoption. Also there was a call for aeternity to begin to partner with universities and developers hubs to begin to teach blockchain technology and more so to teach sophia as part of the programming languages being thought in their institutions.
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) today said they are thinking of how financial institutions can begin to use blockchain to boast their efficiency and to scale and we had lengthy discussion around this topic and how it can be possible to achieve it on aeternity. One of the use case to be considered during the hackathon will be financial services so this is coming from the CBN at the right time.

There were a couple of questions like why is aeternity coming up with a new programming language for deploying smart contract and not solidity? Why is smart contract an integral part of the blockchain? What exchanges can the AE coin be traded? where does the smart contract resides on the blockchain? Is it backend or frontend? How does the state channel really works on the blockchain? Since it is enables off-chain transactions.


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