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Greetings all,

Mislav here, the CEO of AMPnet. We are one of the startups that got funded through the Starfleet 1 programme. Beyond that, we were voted as winners of the community contest at the first Demo Day!

As we are nearing launch, I’d love to share some details and screenshots of our first product - the renewable energy crowdfunding platform.

AMPnet Invest is a blockchain powered equity funding platform! It enables people to invest into renewable energy sources with Euro backed stablecoins. By investing - you become a partial owner of a wind farm, a solar farm or some other type of renewable energy project. The investment platform is the first of a series of products that we offer to energy cooperatives!

Check out screenshots below:

What happened with the teams from the first Starfleet batch?

Hey Mislav! Thank you for reporting your progresw :slight_smile:


Hey Mislav,

Thank you so much for presenting yourself and your project!
We are all quite excited about AMP net’s future.

We are looking forward to more updates - tell us when exactly you plan to launch?



Hi Albena,

As AMPnet is a white-label product there will be multiple independent “launches” for every cooperative which signs up to our product. So far we have three confirmed clients with the first set to launch on the 1st of June and the others to follow in June and July.

The first launch will be with the Cooperative for Ethical Financing powered by our yet-to-be-disclosed international partner (big news coming soon!)

However, our sales pipeline has been very fruitful in the last couple of weeks so I wouldn’t be surprised if we launched with even more clients during the summer.


Great news, thank you, looking forward to your next updates!


Looking forward for status updates!


New blog post available - explaining the incentives behind the AMPnet cooperative energy model.

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Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


AMPnet Progress Report!

Hi everyone, Mislav from AMPnet here with some exciting news.

AMPnet has won the PowerUp by InnoEnergy startup contest as the best startup in Croatia so go team!

We’ll be going to Krakow to compete for the European title, a prize of EUR50k and potential to join the InnoEnergy Highway Accelerator.

The platform is going well and we are employing a new design language across the board. We’ve started some community outreach and you can join us at:

On the development side, our CTO Filip has been hard at work rewriting the Solidity code to Sofia. Looking good so far - amazing work by the forgae team!

Week #14 - Aeternity Product Development Coordinators Weekly Update

Wow @mislav_ampnet Congratulations, we are so proud of you!

Keep up the good work!!!