An approach to debug


I am using JavaScript SDK to write tests for my smart contracts. Sometimes I get such error:

       "before all" hook:
     Error: Giving up after 10 blocks mined.
      at Object.<anonymous> (node_modules/@aeternity/aepp-sdk/dist/aepp-sdk.js:1:104988)
      at x (node_modules/@aeternity/aepp-sdk/dist/aepp-sdk.js:1:317274)
      at Generator._invoke (node_modules/@aeternity/aepp-sdk/dist/aepp-sdk.js:1:317062)
      at Generator.e.(anonymous function) [as throw] (node_modules/@aeternity/aepp-sdk/dist/aepp-sdk.js:1:317453)
      at r (node_modules/@aeternity/aepp-sdk/dist/aepp-sdk.js:1:1575)
      at u (node_modules/@aeternity/aepp-sdk/dist/aepp-sdk.js:1:1821)
      at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/next_tick.js:81:5)

Then I start guessing what could be wrong in my code. Basically, error message is completely unclear.
Is there any general approach for debugging such issues using Javascript SDK or maybe Node logs?