Anyone working on State Channel implementation right now?


Hey æ people!
I’m just curious if anyone has already started to work on any kind of state channel implementation in their æpp development? If yes, on which kind of project are you working on currently and how is it going in general? :slight_smile:
Very excited to hear your stories! :smiley:

Happy coding & week! :partying_face:


I am exploring the possiblity to use state channels as chats, with transactions being private and sent securely over the parties, but I am not sure if it works or not.


Sounds great and a very good use case for state channels! :slight_smile: Are you part of our dev chat already? I’d love to invite you to our state-channels channel where you could ask any kind of question regarding to state channels! There’re people from our core and sdk team as well who could help you for sure :slight_smile: Looking forward to hear more from you! :tada:

Lovely greetings,
Pegah (Development Lead of State Channels aepps team)


that would be lovely, feel free to add me!