Appreciate æternity - Collect Uniqueness of this new Tech


As we are now approaching Live network, it might be good to market it everywhere (by everyone in this community). In order to appreciate all the unique features, performance criteria, new concepts and new Use cases, could we use this thread to collect all of this? I can make a summary out of it, so we can all use this to promote Aeternity. People unfamiliair with Aeternity probably like to know:
(a) What is so unique that I should spent time to learn Aeternity?
(b) How does it compare to other Networks and DAPP environments, and what is really new and unique?
© For which Use cases is Aeternity made or best fit? Are there any examples that show the capabilities?
(d) How is Value created in the Aeternity eco-systeem and how can I tap in? Where to start?

If you like to add your view, appreciated. As mentioned, I want to create one Article out of the summary of it.


Hi Singularity,
There are 2 main upgrades that Aeternity brings to the blockchain, State channels and Oracles. If you learned in the past Solidity you can easily migrate to Sophia (Aeternity’s Programming Language).


great first reply. Let’s get more reactions, to complete these questions


There are another few things that aeternity brings that are a bit more obscure.

For example: Bitcoin normally has no balance returned per address, this has to be computed by a middleware or by the client wallet. Aeternity includes this in the main node by design.

Bitcoin also has no support to list transactions per account. It also does not have transaction indexes by default but that setting can be enabled. In aeternity this is planned as a middleware that is enabled in the main node.

Aeternity has a naming mechanism that I still don’t fully understand but seems really interesting.


Hey @singularity,

Thank you so much for starting this thread and thanks to all who contributed already.
It’s a great way to highlight æternity’s strong features and advantages.

We are also trying to engage as many people as possible in the wake of the Mainnet launch and we’ll highly appreciate you spreading the word about æternity to all your friends.

Best regards,


Love to hear more about: the Use cases that are best fit to Aeternity? What applications can take the full advantage from the capabilities inside Aeternity tech, and why not in other platforms? I am still searching for the right “pitch” in the story, how to promote Aeternity the best way (hence my questions).


I would wait a little bit then. Because the pitch is this is better than Ethereum and Bitcoin, but we have oracles.

What I am most interested in is if AE is really a good replacement and delivers on what was Dash’s Evolution, which back then was dubbed “The Paypal of crypto coins, A Crypto even my grandma could use”


Was hoping that the aeternity start fleet projects could tell their experience.


So far not many reactions of the Aeternity team itself, while I guess they should know. One difference with Ethereum is that Aeternity is built with Elixir/Erlang, and this should promise better fault-tolerance and scalability. That could be something unique, but it is not easy to translate this for business or personal usage.

Another question to add to this thread. I saw the announcement of Ethereum on ETH 2.0 and the 3 phases leading to “Serenity”, all the way in 2021. So, only in 2019 PoS will be introduced. My question is what is the difference between Aeternity with Serenity version of Ethereum?

One advantage could be that Aeternity is ahead of Serenity as it takes to 2021 before we see Serenity fully installed. But, I need some real proof for this, so we can build this into the Marketing message of promoting Aeternity

Anyway, Aeternity team, please your response as well on finding the “uniqueness” of your software and approach