Are there any plans to airdrop on Bitcoin holders?

Are there any plans to airdrop on Bitcoin holders?This is part of the old white paper, which also has a positive effect on the promotion of AE. Whether the AE team can give a clear reply to the community, we are very concerned about the time, method and number of airdrops. Thank you!


No airdrop, I do n’t know where the coin came from. Is n’t Yani ’s coin coming to airdrop?

Yes, 1% of initial æternity AE tokens will be distributed to users. However, the details about how this will be done have not been finalized yet. We will inform everyone once we have more information.


Now it’s time to implement the promotion

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Promotion is key and this is a good opportunity. Done the wrong way and people will just dump or not even know they have AE. With less than 3 million tokens being distributed there isn’t really enough to go to all Bitcoin holders and be a significant amount. So I think people will have to claim somehow within a limited time frame. I think we can take some lessons from HEX to slowly reduce the amount claimable overtime to reward the early claimers and also to penalize whales and to get broader distribution. If exchanges can claim and give to their customers that would also be great and I think I read that AE CEO wants to make this a feature. If a big exchange can claim and dump without giving their customers the tokens then that would be bad