Base aepp bug Feedback

Base aepp IOS, settings-network add nodes and often disappear by themselves.
As well as IOS, browser added bookmarks and disappeared.

Hey, do you have a Telegram handle? I can add you there. We have a specialized feedback group with the Base aepp devs.

My Telegram doesn’t work very well in China. It’s paralyzed.

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I forward your comment to the group.

Thank you for reporting. Any chance you can provide screenshots? You don’t use the download, but the web-version, right?

@stoyan_ae will look into this issue. You can also, to accelerate this, open an issue on Github here

Not web, IOS0.8.5, I updated 0.8.6, I’ll try again.


A few questions which would make troubleshooting this easier:

  1. Did you download the app from the iOS app store are you opening

  2. Could you go into the Settings view and let me know what version number you see at the bottom?

  3. Could you confirm that the stuff that disappears are all things you added (ex. custom nodes, bookmarks that are not there by default)?


It’s gone, I don’t know how to take a screenshot

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Good that it got solved.

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