Base aepp not recieving mined AE


I have been using the Base aepp for recieving AE from mining. I can see I’ve been paid by the pool, but its not showing up on my mobile Base wallet account, also not after reloading the aepp. I’m on version 0.4.1.
Any tips?
Is there another way of accessing that wallet, next to Airgap?


There is a bug with the base aepp, it won’t update the balance even if you do have new deposits. you can see if you have more balance in the explorer, or use airwallet


What address do you have and what balance is expected in the Roma network? Can you try to use the version that was deployed yesterday? (0.5.0)

#4 keeps getting me the same version. version 0.4.1

how do i get version 0.5.0 ?


I’ve got 0.5.0 just now, updating it is a simple refresh of the web app. Or web aepp I guess :smile:

So, yes! This version works and received the first and second batch of AE I earned through mining. I just had wait a couple of minutes for the transactions to arrive. I actually started this forum post wanting to complain that it still didnt show the amount, but the time I arrived at this sentence, everything is here!

Awesome and thanks


yeah, the page finally updated and it shows the correct balance now. :smiley:


Hello does this update the have the ability to send ae coin from one wallet to.another


yeah it does, you should really download it.