Blockchain Comparison Table

Hello beloved æ community,

after making some research and seeing a lot of different blockchain comparison tables in the world wide web, I’ve just started to create one for æternity too as it was totally missing! Do you have any more feature and functionality wishes/ proposals which I could add to the table (I’m going to upload pictures of the table for now)? :slight_smile: Excited to read your inputs!

Happy holidays (in Germany) and (almost) weekend, y’all! :tada:



Ups, a little bit mess in regard of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the table. Please review block times, contract lang, etc :wink:

Thanks for your input. Could you be more specific please? Also etc. doesn’t help me that much unfortunately :smiley:

Ethereum block time is 15 sec, Bitcoin is 10 min, you should swap other metrics as well, like contract lang and tx per sec.

Ah gotchah! Okay. Will correct it now. Thank you! I switched it accidentally. You see how important is community engagement hehehe :wink:

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Corrected! :white_check_mark: :tada: Thank you again!

Please try to phrase positive things to green checks.

for explw instead of making a row that reads limited amount of transactions and two green checks on ethereum and bitcoin. rename it to limitless amount of transactions and put a green check on aeternity.

you need to visually keep it clear that a check is good. so make questions with true/false where the true is a feature and false is not a feafure

Also on ASICS, you coudl try “Has no known ASICS so far?” instead of “ASICS”


Great feedback, thank you! I like this proposal:)

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Thank you for the post @pegah

Let’s hunt for mistakes and everyone is invited to add facts that are not yet in the table!

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Great work!

I agree with the comment about green only for positive things. Also the tps row should maybe have an asterisk and explain how these measurements were taken (as there is likely not a perfectly accurate way to extrapolate a number like this for side by side comparison).


Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

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