Blockchain roadtrip #day3 Osustech Meetup

Jet talking about Aeternity Development 101

It was a bright and sunny day for crypto enthusiast from the universities of Osun State University of Technology, situated in Osun state, the meetup was held on the 26th September 2019.

This meetup was more of Blockchain education and fun, we have a whole lot of students, who didn’t know what was going on, they all joined to hear what Aeternity blockchain has to offer.

Topics Treated:
What is cryptocurrencies?
What are wallets?
Decentralization and centralization.
Aeternity as a cryptocurrency.
Use cases of Aeternity Blockchain. course (introduction to blockchain technology)

After all these, we had fun, we had quiz from the meetup, the best answers got a gift, they was also rap battles involving crypto.related words to form their rap.
It.was a beautiful experience, and the end of the one week blockchain road trip.

We want to special thank the Aeternity Blockchain for their immense support, so far we have been able to reach to the campuses especially. A whole of them have benefited from the courses, and they enjoy it.

Thank you Aeternity!!!


Nice job bro. Congratulations

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