Bounty: Design the New æternity Stickers and T-shirts [SUBMIT YOUR DESIGNS HERE]

when reward distribution sir? :blush:

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The pink and purple look fantastic together…could someone please post the winning t shirt and sticker designs on here? Thanks

Actually, @vlad.chain took some photos with the winning t-shirts at the conference so we will share those soon :wink:



That’s great, I am looking forward to it.


Here are two photos of myself wearing the winning t-shirt designs. @AE-Mark took these at one of the two partner canvases at the Universe One venue. I was actually wearing the one just below throughout the entire second day of the conference. :slight_smile:


Hahaha, that’s great.

when reward distribution sir?

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T-shirt make U Looks like a gay…:joy:

Please ignore this impolite person.

When rewards distribution?

:joy:Have you forgotten this?

Hello everyone. Rewards will be distributed next week! :slight_smile:

Hahaha, that’s great.

week is already over, When sir? :wink:

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Im still waiting :slight_smile::pray:

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Any minute now. The transfers have been requested and approved. It is just a matter of executing them.


Oke thanks sir, im waiting for distribution

Received it, Thanks :slight_smile:

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The AE tokes have been distributed :slight_smile: Thank you all for participating!

Received it, Thanks.