Bounty Fund for Chinese Community Video Translation Group

1. What is the title of your campaign?
Bounty Fund for Chinese Community Video Translation Group

2. Summary and goal(s)
The idea comes from this post:

for the 18 min video about Generalized Accounts. After analysis of the translation task it was found that the video requires three people to cooperate and produce Chinese subtitles.

1.Use the Bounty Fund to build a Chinese community translation group with community translators and improve their aeternity-related translation skills through different translation tasks.
2.Goal to achieve 5k views every video for the first month.

The Fund will be used for for aeternity video translations, using community resources for the Chinese subtitle. The Fund will be enough for five 20 min-long videos.

3. Who is the target audience?
The Chinese æternity community

4. What are the metrics of success?
Translate five 5-20 mins videos by adding good quality Chinese subtitle and correct subtitle timeline.

5. Who will be primary person responsible for the execution of the campaign - campaign lead?

6. Who else will be involved in the campaign?
Chinese community translators

7. What budget will the execution of this campaign require?
Total of 3000AE tokens (600 AE bounty per video).

8. What are the campaign milestones?
The first milestone is adding Chinese subtitles to the General Accounts Intro video.

9. What is the campaign timeline?
As soon as the CBC is ready we can start the translations. Each video will require around 2-3 weeks for translation.

Hi, @AE-Mark we have to do a longer call for aeUniverse preparations today. Would you be okay presenting this on Monday Sept 16 instead (or later, if you prefer)?

Monday is ok, thanks!
I will leave for Prague tomorrow 17th.

Hi, @AE-Mark great to see you in Prague! Can you present this tomorrow Sept 26 Thurs, at 3PM CEST?

Hi, @AE-Mark this campaign has been approved. Feel free to proceed and let us know if you need anything.


Has anyone been involved in this work?

@Ancleking The first video is under translating now, if you have resources or are willing to contribute to any further videos, you can just add my wechat: abinble for the following videos’ bounty, thanks~!

I have already contacted you with WeChat.

the first GA video is out:


@ AE-Mark,
Are all the videos complete? Why didn’t I see communication within the community?

Does the team track the project? Can someone come out and explain? @theScientress.chain

The results of the campaign will of course be public, so we do encourage input from community members with regards to errors, if there are any. In terms of tracking, campaign owners report on progress periodically, as Mark is doing here.

Thank you for your reply!
The project was approved in September, and a video was released on October 24. There is currently no follow-up video.
And I have not seen the video in the domestic community, so I think this is a failed plan.

I think the team needs to face the CBCs process correctly. For the application to pass the cbc proposal, it is necessary to follow up and supervise it. The proposal content, time, and personnel need to be more clear and complete it according to the scheduled time.
For those who do not strictly follow the cbc standard process, complete supplements are required. Whether you are an administrator or not, you should choose to be visible. This is part of the publicity period and should not be visible after passing.

@theScientress.chain @vlad.chain @emin.chain

Hi @LiuShao thank you for your input. We are monitoring campaigns and we will publish updates soon. Sincere apologies for not being able to do that immediately. As you know, the CBC process is a relatively new thing we launched and we are still refining the processes involved. So input like yours are valuable in reminding us of lapses when they occur. We will definitely discuss the regularity of updates and posting them for transparency.

Hello guys,

Now I am confirming and communicating for the remaining four videos’ translation, once I have further information, I will share the process here. Thank you for noticing this CBC and any others and we encourage any more involvement through CBC and any other methods.

Thank you

Hello guys,

Unfortunately for some reason, currently the remaining four videos’ translation have to be held for now, if any volunteers want to join the community and contribute to the technical video translation, you can add my wechat: abinble(with note translation), thanks!
Any further information, I will update here again.