Bounty Fund for Github tutorials translation to Chinese

1. What is the title of your campaign?
Bounty Fund for Github tutorials translation to Chinese

2. Summary and goal(s)
Months ago, one tutorial about mainnet aeternity support for exchanges came from Mr.Liu of

Which helped several exchanges finished the support for mainnet aeternity token, also proves that the Chinese tutorials requirements is existed.

After discussing the related situations in Prague, when the following prioritized tutorials have been updated after Lima HF already:

So I am putting this CBC for the aboves tutorials and also the following ones which is ready and help develop Chinese technical community which is also the key to develop Chinese aeternity ecosystem.

1.Use the Bounty Fund to motivate Chinese technical community resources, improve their aeternity-related translation skills.
2. Make some english aeternity github with more languages, Chinese first for this time.
3. Github Chinese tutorials is basic and can help develop aeternity Chinese ecosystem.

The Fund will be used for for aeternity white paper translation, github english tutorials translation.

3. Who is the target audience?
The Chinese æternity community especially for technical potential development.

4. What are the metrics of success?
Motivate and finish the translation of tutorials with good quality translation.

5. Who will be primary person responsible for the execution of the campaign - campaign lead?

6. Who else will be involved in the campaign?
Chinese community translators

7. What budget will the execution of this campaign require?
Total of 1500AE tokens (150AE for each one of the tutorials in github considering the current value, this time for ten tutorials first).

8. What are the campaign milestones?
The first milestone is providing good quality translation for tutorials.

9. What is the campaign timeline?
As soon as the CBC gets approval, we can start the translations. ETA few weeks can finish, end of Dec.


This proposal has been approved.


Hello Community,

Five tutorials’ translation has been finished now:

By Shooter:
区块链技术爱好者(Crypto Tech Fan)
One of the founders of
If any suggestion for the translation, everyone are welcome to join the review, thank you!