Call Summary - June 18, 2019

This is a summary of the Campaign Review call for June 18, 4pm CEST.

I. Campaigns Ready for Evaluation
Attendees (13)
Cecille, Dylan, Helmut, Erik, Milan, Mattia, Marion, Pablo, Vlad, Pegah, Emin, Yani, Pablo.

1. Dev interviews & general articles | Decision: Approved
Campaign owner: Cecille

2. World Cryptonomic Forum 2020 | Decision: Refine
Campaign owner: Mattia

3. Bounty for Outdated Tutorials | Decision: Approved
Campaign owner: Erik

4. Blockchain BBB - Dylan, Milan | Decision: Refine

5. aeternity Presentation at University of Lucerne 29.6 | Decision: 5 yes, 1 no(?)
Campaign owner: Helmut

6. Blockchain Boat continuation | Decision: Refine
Campaign proponent: Pegah

II. Active Campaigns

1. Update: Core dev interview videos - Dylan
Status: in progress

III. Other issues
Dylan, Milan, Mattia, Cecille, Nikolina, Nikola, Vlad, Pablo, Yani, Emin

Urgent topic: AEUniverse

Urgent: Distributing roles and make progress with the separate tasks.

Commitments made:

  1. Dylan to give Yani administrative rights of the website; Yani to take over.
  2. Blog post to be created within the next 2 days about the event - @Vlæd
  3. Venues to be locked, @yani to sign contracts
  4. Get a decision about the budget allocation for the speakers costs (Thurs, June 20)
  5. @Nikola to propose someone from Ventures who can handle the ENT track
  6. Event communication - @Vlæd to decide if he can take care of it
  7. Branding, swag, and marketing materials - @Milan Heimbucher volunteered to take the task
  8. Tickets widget - @Mattia to answer if he can still maintain it
  9. Agendas to be updated as soon as possible - @emin (Dev track) / unknown - ENT track

Updates on June 20.

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