Call Summary - June 20, 2019

Attendees: Cecille, Nikolina, Dylan, Vlad, Yani, Marion, Milan, Pablo, Helmut

Campaigns Ready for Evaluation

1. AeUniverse speaker budgets | Decision: REFINE - Ventures to coordinate
Campaign owner: Nikolina

2. Bountifying campaigns with no owners | Decision: Disapproved
Campaign proponent: Cecille

3. Blockchain Bus | Decision: REFINE
Campaign owner: Milan; add details; for further discussion with Yani, Emin, etc.

Active Campaigns

1. Update: Dev interviews & general articles
Campaign owner: Cecille
a. contract signing - InnoWire
-Yani to sign contract
b. Should I start mentioning aeUniverse in the PR articles (date and venue final)?
-wait for website (Vlad to edit, Yani to oversee)

2. Website (5 mins)
Campaign owner: Dylan
-Dylan to hand over to Yani; connect with designers

Call 2 Campaign Discussions, at 3:17-4pm CEST

Other issues

1. Proposal voting - consensus mechanics 51%?
-retain system: majority votes on Wire

2. AE Universe - updates on progress (10 mins)
-For follow-up discussion in separate call
aeUniverse group:
Nikolina, Yani, Milan, Emin, Vlad, Cecille (later when details are finalized for PR), Marion (for speaker engagements, not all the planning), Someone for Ventures (Nikola).

Cecille to send recurring invite on calendar to Board; confirm Nikola’s schedule and adjust as needed.

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