Call Summary: June 27, 2019

3PM CEST, June 27 Thurs (expected duration: 30mins)

I. Campaign Review
Attendees: Cecille, Mattia, Milan, Erik, Yani, Emin, Nikola, Marion, Pablo, Helmut

Campaigns Ready for Evaluation - None as of June 26, 11AM CEST.

Active Campaigns
1. PR quick update - Cecille

II. Campaign Discussions
Attendees: Cecille, Mattia, Milan, Erik, Pegah (?), Yani, Emin, Nikola, Marion, Pablo, Helmut

1. ae Universe progress
Nikolina is on holiday, Vlad cannot attend; but website and other updates should proceed (Mattia, Board, etc.). Cecille will take notes and post.
a. Urgent: Ticketing, Stripe problems, payments (Mattia) - RESOLVED
b. Community feedback on website, agenda and the event in general - N/A
c. Should dinner be included in Corporate passes? Add to ticket inclusions? - YES
d. Hotels
-4 and 5 star hotels are not within walking distance to the venue (ca 3km);
-Add 3-4 star hotel recommendations in the event website + average booking rate for Sept and contact details. - YES
e. Decide who will handle the requests for crypto payments via the email [email protected]? - MATTIA
f. Eventbrite gives you 2 options for collecting payments: RESOLVED
**agenda: Emin (tech speakers), Erik may take over community speakers

2. Opening up Campaign Proposals to public - YES. But only once process is refined.
Voting aepp has been suggested by Pablo.

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