Campaign Agenda: Aug 1

Campaigns for evaluation

  1. We Are Developers Vienna: Sponsorship + Speaking Engagement - Nikolina
    Budget: 3000 EUR + travel/accommodation for speaker

  2. Provenance Summit: Sponsorship + Speaking Engagement - Nikolina
    Budget: 5000 USD + travel/accommodation for speaker + side event cost
    Sponsoring Provenance Summit - 14th - 15th October in Tokyo, Japan

  3. Trading Competition on WeiDex - WeiDex OR Vlad
    Budget: USD 5000 + 50 000 AE tokens for liquidity (will be returned after)
    Trading competition - AE tokens promoted by the first DEX on Aeternity

Other questions (only if Yani is present):

  1. How/when to determine if a campaign created by a team member should be private or public?
  2. Setting up a card or an AE token account that could be used for quick payments once a campaign is approved by the Evaluation Board.