Campaign Review Agenda: Sept 26, 3PM CEST

Campaign Review Agenda: Sept 5

For Evaluation:

1. Blockgeeks x æternity Partnership - Cecille
Budget: USD 500 monthly

2. Bounty Fund for Chinese Community Video Translation Group - Mark
Budget: 3000 AE tokens (600 AE per video)

3. Community Building Support and Media Exposure in China - First.VIP
TRIAL PHASE: 4500 USD in AE tokens for three months
Budget (one year): $18,000 in AE tokens

4. Chinese Translations and Promotion - LiuShao (AEChina)
Budget: 6450 USD

5. CH/AE Community Growth Hacking Campaign - Ethan Clime
Budget: ~$2,200 monthly

I don’t think AEChina is worth much. Because it does not currently have a large audience, and LiuShao does not currently have a team. is more professional in translation and promotion, they have teams and platforms, and they have been doing it for a while, and the results are very good.

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How to effectively supervise projects sponsored by the AE Foundation? How to judge the value of the project? How to ensure that the project fulfills its promise after receiving sponsorship? This cannot be relied solely on the AE Foundation’s trust in project leaders. These are some of the questions I have.

Hi A.K
Thank you very much for your feedback regarding the æternity crypto foundation sponsored projects.
Actually, the grantees oblige to sign the grant termsheets which clearly define the terms and conditions, including but not limited the reports required to submit (they are all public), milestones need to be completed…and so on.
Thank you for the reminder, the foundation has already planned to publish every approved project in all the channels with more details suggested by the community or based on the feedback. Furthermore, the æternity crypto foundation is looking for second technical opinion to make the evaluation more fair and transparent. The last but not the least, the foundation is also open for community comments/votes to priorities the development of æternity blockchain.
Once again, everyone is welcomed to monitor and make comments for the projects.
Every single effort counts! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your reply, I hope the AE foundation is getting better and better.


Thanks A.K. If you have further questions or would like to launch other discussions for the foundation matters, please feel free to open a thread at the foundation dedicated page:

@Tina When should we expect the first projects progress reports coming from the crypto foundation? Is there a timeline?

Regarding the reports, actually the grantees agreed to release and produce updates every two weeks. All releases are published under ISC Open Source License on the aeternity GitHub page in a dedicated repository.
We are during the process of standardizing the reports with specific and clear goals, components, challenges, FAQs…etc.

@Tina Can we share them here in the Forum as well?

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We can try as well. :slight_smile: