Campaign Review Guidelines

I. Campaign Review Call

А campaign review is conducted every Monday (2PM CEST) and Thursday (3PM CEST). The times may change depending on the availability of the Evaluation Board.

The community campaigns Evaluation Board (the Board) is composed of @ae-vlad, @erik93, @pegah, @theScientress, @emin, @marion, @Helmut, @nikola, @PabloC and Yanislav.

Total Duration: ≤ 1 hour

Call Process

  1. An agenda must be compiled to include only proposals that are ready for review. This agenda must be made available to everyone and shared in the Campaign Review group in Wire at least 24 hours before the scheduled call. The agenda should also list down the participants in the call. If there are no campaigns ready for evaluation, the call will be cancelled.

  2. A stable conference channel must be chosen depending on the number of participants.

  3. The number of call participants must be kept at a minimum. Only the Board and the members involved in campaign proposals for evaluation should be in the call.

  4. Notes must be taken of all decisions, approvals, and revisions agreed on by the Board in the call. The call may not be recorded.

  5. Only campaigns for evaluation will be discussed in this part of the call. Other issues that require long discussions and planning will be discussed in a separate call.

  6. The length of the call should be kept to 1 hour maximum.

  7. Voting process in Wire.

Participants will vote on each proposal in the corresponding Wire channel for that call. Each proposal to be voted on will be displayed in the following format:
Proposal title
+1 (Vote Yes)
-1 (Vote No)
or REFINE (present again after revisions)

Once the campaign has been presented and the details around it explained, Evaluation Board members will announce their vote on it by “linking” one of three options: +1, -1, or REFINE.

II. Campaign Proposal Guidelines

1. Campaign proposals must be posted in the Community Campaigns directory in the Forum. Please provide time for the Board and moderators to read and screen campaign proposals so they can be included in the next Agenda. If you need help, you may contact the moderators (currently @theScientress, @ae-vlad and @ae-albena) to discuss having your campaign proposal included in the next Agenda.

2. There are four stages in the Community Campaign process:
Drafts, Evaluation, Active/Approved, Completed. Those correspond to sub-categories under the Community Campaigns category in the Forum. A campaign will be moved to the next sub-category as it progresses.

a. Draft Campaigns
Here, community members can post drafts of their ideas and proposals. Members can also post ideas even if they do not intend to implement the campaign themselves. This is so other members can pick up a campaign idea for implementation in the future. However, we strongly recommend against adding a campaign without a campaign lead (the person who is responsible to manage the campaign).

We expect the draft section to be crowded with ideas and drafts, so we highly advise members to contact the Community Campaigns moderator (currently @theScientress ) if you think your proposal is ready for evaluation.

b. Campaigns for Evaluation
At this stage, community members proposing a campaign should have all the mandatory campaign parameters set. Do not post an entire list of unknowns and expect the Evaluation Board to find all the answers during the call—they will only approve, disapprove, or ask for a revision. The campaign lead must make decisions or at list options—and see if the proposal will be accepted by the Evaluation Board.

Please see the Campaign Proposal Format section below for more information on what should be included in a campaign proposal in order for it to be considered for evaluation. Those who want to extend previously approved campaigns should also create a new campaign for evaluation.

c. Active Campaigns
Once a proposal is approved by the Evaluation Board, the campaign owner will send a request for budget release.

Once your proposal has been approved and funded, it is considered an Active Campaign. Members who have active campaigns must attend the weekly Campaign Review calls to provide reports and updates on milestones hit and overall progress.

Once a campaign is finished, it will be archived into the Completed Campaigns section in the Forum.

3. Campaign Proposal Format (mandatory)

I. Title - must be clear and concise
II. Summary - a concise description of the campaign. Limit this to 2 paragraphs max, no longer than 300 words.
III. Goals - clear objectives must be set, noting the target demographics and the call to action/conversions.
IV. Roles - team members involved in the project as well as their backgrounds and expertise, as well as any reviewers from the Board or the AE team who need to check output before release, if any.
V. MVPs - list of final output
VI. Timeline - how long will this campaign run, including preparations.
VII. Milestones - divide the timeline into achievable milestones. The budget may have to be released in increments as milestones are reached.
VIII. Budget - a clear breakdown of costs as well as the total cost
IX. Assessment/Metrics of Success - state the desired end result and how they will be monitored and measured

Extensions of campaigns are considered new campaigns.

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