Campaigns for Evaluation: Aug 19, 10AM CEST

Proposals will be presented one by one. Please wait for your turn—your name and the title of your proposal will be called when it’s your turn.

Each proposal will be presented by the campaign proponents. By default, presentations must be limited to five minutes. There is a limited amount of time for the Board, so your proposal must be clear and concise.

After five minutes, the Board will begin to ask questions. After these questions are answered, the Board will vote on the proposals and we’ll let you know the results of that vote within a day or two. The time limit for these questions is 10 minutes—if it will take longer, the campaign is considered “for refinement.” Further discussions about the campaign must be made in a separate call.

After presenting your proposal, proponents may exit the call, unless you have other proposals for evaluation on the same day.

Campaigns for Evaluation:

  1. Trading Competition by weiDex - Krasimir Raykov
    Budget: $5000 + 50,000 AE (to be returned after competition)
    Trading competition - AE tokens promoted by the first DEX on Aeternity