Cannot send funds from airgap wallet!


Hello aeveryone i´m just trying to move some funds from airgap wallet, however when i get to the mobile device nip section i enter it, then goes back to the transaction page and from there nothing happens, the transaction just doesn´t complete. Does anyone have any idea of what could i do??


Hello there, besides the AirGap Wallet application do you also have the AirGap Vault application installed on your device? If you’ve installed both apps on the same device the flow looks as follows.

  1. create transaction with AirGap Wallet
  2. select sign on same device
  3. AirGap Vault is opened, sign your transaction with your device authentication like fingerprint
  4. after signing AirGap Wallet opens again with the signed transaction
  5. “Confirm” the transaction in AirGap Wallet, it gets broadcasted to the blockchain

If the problem still exists, reaching out in Telegram would be easier, please join the AirGap Telegram channel.