Can't get node pub_key


Hey all, I have set up epoch node on docker. When try to get pub_key - curl --verbose
result is:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 3114: Connection refused

node is up and running, because …/top return same height as other nodes.

Any ideas what might be wrong?


Hey @lcsavov,

Our dev team has been informed about your problem,
so they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The AE Team


Hey @aeternity-team, when node is running locally it works. Maybe it is something related to docker setup.


@lcsavov if you followed the documentation at

The example does not expose the (default) internal port (3113). You shall use additional docker parameter -p 3113:3113 to do that.

docker run -d -p 3013:3013 -p 3113:3113 \
    -v ~/.aeternity/myepoch.yaml:/home/epoch/myepoch.yaml \
    -e EPOCH_CONFIG=/home/epoch/myepoch.yaml \
    aeternity/epoch -aehttp enable_debug_endpoints true

Please refer to docker documentation for additional details:

BTW, your command and it’s output in the OP is somehow broken. You requested port 3113 while the error output relates to port 3114.


Thank you for the answer!