Chinese AE community administrators have repeatedly deleted community member posts, suppressing the enthusiasm of AE community members!

Did you know that Weibo is an important discussion platform for digital currencies. Many early Bitcoin evangelists were often active on Weibo. The same is true for today’s AE, Weibo is an important communication channel for AE. Today’s Chinese administrator, Mark, not only ignores the development of the Chinese community, but also suppresses AE members on Weibo. Chinese AE community administrators have repeatedly deleted community member posts, suppressing the enthusiasm of AE community members! I think this is not conducive to the healthy development of the Chinese community. I hope that the AE team will revoke Wolverine’s position. The Chinese community does not need such a poor administrator.


Hello Dashu. I believe that it is important to mention what comments were deleted. It is impossible to determine if they were deleted for a good reason without reading them. Also, please note that there are community rules that need to be followed. Perhaps the deleted comments transgressed them?

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你好,请尊重早起参与AE项目的投资者。既然AE是一个去中心化的项目,为什么要把权利只给了管理员,而不是投票解决。因此,我强烈建议取消管理员删帖的权利,而是把删帖的权利还给全体持有AE token的人,因为持有AE的人才是真正是项目的主人。就我个人而言,投资者把货真价实的金针白银投资到项目中,他们应该享有这个权利。所以,请把论坛的权利还给我们,除非这个论坛是掏自己的钱建立的,而不是使用项目的钱。

Hello, this mark does have the bad habit of randomly deleting Weibo speeches. You can go to the Chinese ae community to investigate. No one likes this mark because its personal organization ability is too poor. We said that he received the ae official salary. I translated the article and did nothing, so it suppressed the speech of other unofficial communities, and the unofficial community was much stronger than the official led by Mark, and it was free and spontaneous publicity in China. Therefore, the Chinese community strongly demands that its management authority be removed. Reporting marks is not the behavior of 1-2 individuals, but most people are dissatisfied. . . Hope you can investigate thoroughly!
ps: I recognize the translation contribution of mark, but as the management of China, its ability cannot be competent.

你好,这个mark确实有乱删除微博发言的坏习惯,你可以去中国ae社区调查一下,没有人喜欢这个mark,因为其个人组织能力实在太差,我们说他领了ae官方的工资,就翻译下文章,不干实事, 因此其就打压其他非官方社区言论,并且非官方社区无论人数还是活跃度都比mark领导的官方强很多,并且是免费自发的在中国宣传,mark为了证明他的权威性,所以经常排除异己,各种删帖, 所以中国社区强烈要求去掉其管理权限,举报mark不是1-2个人的行为,而是大部人不满意。。。希望你可以彻底调查!
ps: 我认可mark的翻译贡献,但作为中国区管理,其能力不能胜任。

It is recommended that the Chinese community do not set up an administrator, as long as an influential consultant is set up, because everyone in the Chinese community will publicize and promote for free, because the Chinese are not short of money, it is precisely because of the wrong management of the Chinese area that a large number of ae The loss of potential players, I hope you can take this situation seriously.


Thank you for all the concern and care for the aeternity project community.
Also please kindly follow the community rules which Vlad shared again above.
Here is the Chinese version about the community rules here:
Welcome all to join the Chinese community!