Command line to check version of aeternity-sdk-js

Ineed help on checking version . how can view eternity SDK version in command line ? like node --version. is there any shortcut

whats the need to do so?

am creating signal app for sdk so i need to check the version using that command in my app

you can probably look it up the way you include the dependency

it mean there is no command for that like aeternity --version

what are you talking about? the sdk has no cli, you require it with a version number using npm, where you can check the installed version using npm.

the cli has --version command

and the node gives you the version in the /v2/status http endpoint

if i run $ aecli --version i get 2.6.0

but when i pull latest release of aeternity i get 7.6 that is different

you are comparing the version of the sdk to the version of the cli which are different projects

I don’t think there is a way of checking the version of the sdk used in a specific cli, other than looking up on npm.