Community Building Support and Media Exposure in China by First.VIP

I. Title - Community Building Support in China by First.VIP

II. Summary and KPIs -
China is a large and immensely important market for æternity. Currently, æternity only has a community manager - Mark in China, and needs to scale the promotional activities there. Here is what First.VIP can do:

  • First.VIP will track all of aeternity’s communication channels, gather all information and prepare a summary in Chinese of all announcements and updates for the Chinese community. The report will be shared in the First.VIP app and in other relevant communication channels, including WeChat, QQ, etc.
    KPI: At least 30K reads are expected per month

  • First.VIP will provide translations to all videos that are shared in aeternity’s official YouTube channel. For highly technical videos only short “update” parts will be translated and will feature the watermark of First.VIP. Short videos are better for WeChat.
    KPI: WeChat does not provide an interface for counting video views, so we cannot know the number of video views. However, the short video updates are easier to spread in WeChat, and easier for community members to browse and keep up with the latest technology developments. Therefore, users can understand the value of AE more intuitively.

  • First.VIP will open a dedicated chat room in the First.VIP app where subscribers will be able to ask the First.VIP staff aeternity-related questions.
    KPI: Our chat room is the supplement of WeChat room, which can help users more convenient to view AE report, at the same time, users can directly communicate with the report author. Report authors are not only in the chat room, but also in each WeChat group and communicate with users, such communication frequency is unable to count. If there must be a rough estimate, we can say that there are interactions every day.

  • First.VIP will launch a “Rumor Killer” service for its app subscribers dedicated to providing answers to malicious rumors.
    KPI: Conditional on rumors.

  • First.VIP will share a monthly summary of all aeternity-related activities to its subscribers.
    KPI: We provide the First.VIP’s AE operation report to the project side every month, which records what we have done for AE this month, visits and reading data, etc.

  • First.VIP will share an unlimited number of technical articles to news websites such as,,, and more. Ad-like articles could also be shared there for an additional price, we
    can arrange the lowest possible price.
    KPI: We can only get the public available data of these media platforms. According to the previous articles pushed by us, the average reading volume of each article is over 100K, because the media they pushed are first-tier platforms, so the amount of visits is relatively high. At the same time, we want to emphasize that we only help the project to push the article on these platforms, but we are not responsible for writing advertorials.

  • First.VIP will present aeternity at all First.VIP meetups.
    KPI: Meetup with 30 people is the lowest standard of First. VIP. Generally there will be over 50 people in our meetup. Now, it is the bear market and offline activities are quiet, otherwise participators of our previous meetup can be more than a hundred people.

  • First.VIP will organize an AMA with the aeternity team each month.
    KPI: The content of AMA will be pushed to the Chinese community of AE. We believe that all Chinese communities of AE will pay attention to these AMA, and we will collect questions from the community to communicate with the official team. We cannot estimate the number of these people, but we believe that maintaining good communication with the community will definitely contribute to the more benign development of AE.

  • First.VIP will add an aeternity ad on its app boot page for 3 days
    KPI: At least 1000 people will see the AD in three days. Generally speaking, the main content of the AD will be: “AE is officially launched in the First.VIP free area. We recommend you to subscribe AE for free and keep up with the latest progress.” The number of clicks cannot be counted because the Boot Page ads are just for presenting content, and cannot be clicked by others…

  • First.VIP will add an aeternity banner ad in the First.VIP app News Channel for one month.
    KPI: The impressions of this ad will be more than 10k per month.

  • First.VIP will share unlimited news reports and updates in social groups like Wechat, QQ, etc.
    KPI: We except that there must be over 30k reads per month.

  • First.VIP will make all content dedicated to aeternity shared in its First.VIP app free to all users (not only paying subscribers).
    KPI: Users would be able to view all AE-related information without subscription, and all First.VIP users would be directly subscribed to AE.

  • All content translated by First.VIP will be free to use and reuse by anyone in the Chinese community.

  • First.VIP will provide a monthly report of all services provided to aeternity so the aeternity team can evaluate.

III. Goals - Keep the Chinese community in the loop with all aeternity announcements, updates, and initiatives. Expected Reach Users: 150,000+

IV. Roles To provide its services, First.VIP will engage and analyst, translator, and will engage its marketing and operations team.

Primary point of contact for First.VIP will be Connie Ji.

V. Minimum Viable Products

  • At least 2 daily updates shared with the Chinese community in all channels, including the First.VIP app, WeChant, QQ, and other relevant channels. (depending on availability of texts coming from the team). Older posts could be used if no new content is available.
  • At least 4 translations of announcements, articles, updates, or any other relevant articles/blog post coming from aeternity. Shared in all communication channels and news websites.
  • An aeternity-dedicated chat room in the First.VIP app where First.VIP staff answers questions.
  • aeternity presentation in all First.VIP meetups.
  • At least 4 video translations of video content shared by the aeternity team.
  • A bi-weekly (twice per week) report of aeternity’s activities shared in all relevant Chinese communication channels.
  • A monthly report of aeternity’s activities shared in all relevant Chinese communication channels.
  • A monthly Q&A dedicated to answering the most important questions coming from the Chinese community.
  • A monthly report on all activities sent to the aeternity team for evaluation. (what was shared where, when)

VI. Timeline First.VIP is willing to provide these services to aeternity for one year. Launch could be done as soon as the one year contract is signed and payment in AE tokens for the first three months is paid.

VII. Milestones No Specific Milestones here.

VIII. Budget $18,000 equivalent AE tokens (4500 USD in AE tokens every three months).

The initial contract will be for three months. If æternity doesn’t cancel the contract after evaluation of First.VIP’s performance, it will be automatically extended to one year (9 more months).

IX. Assessment/Metrics of Success

  • Monthly report sent to [email protected]
  • Chinese community feedback. A vote will be held after 2 months to determine if First.VIP is performing well according to Chinese users.

This campaign has been approved.