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Hello dear æcommunity,

as some of you know, I’m currently building a documentation hub for developer and miner. I’d love to include your amazing tools (e.g. AEKnow Explorer and of course æpps as well! Unfortunately there isn’t any appropriate list but why not creating one over here now? :smiley: :tada:

Excited to hear about all your master pieces built on æternity!

Happy coding and week,


Would be great to have AirGap on there as well as the airgap-coin-lib which can be a useful tool for developers wanting to provide a secure wallet solution for their project.


Good point! Will do it today! Thanks for the feedback, dear @pascuin :slight_smile:


Done! :checkered_flag:

Landing page:

Developer Tools.



Awesome! Thank you very much.


Hello, I have had a quick look on the doc site. In one of the examples ( I have seen that code:

public stateful function add_to_do(_to_do : string) : string =
  put(state{m_index_to_do[state.index_counter] = _to_do})
  put(state{m_to_do_done[state.index_counter] = false})
  put(state{index_counter = state.index_counter + 1})

Is it possible to do a state update in one call, for example:

  m_index_to_do[state.index_counter] = _to_do,
  m_to_do_done[state.index_counter] = false,
  index_counter = state.index_counter + 1



Not built on æternity but built for the æternity community and ecosystem -


The documentation hub is just a collection and reference to all æternity related repositories. This post was opened up to collect only community built projects. Please open up a new forum post whenever you’ve questions like this one and which isn’t directly related to the actual post! Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S.: The best category for this question would be Protocol Development -> Sophia Smart Contracts
Just write in the header: [TUTORIAL] How to build a To-do list Æpp - Part 1



It has been added to the landing page now! :slight_smile:

I’ve just recognized a typo at the top link bar:


aeternity instead of aetenrity


Here the link to a community developed java-sdk:


A nodejs/mongo based middleware and simple explorer

which is running here:

and the api endpoint is here


Thank you! :slight_smile: It has been added! :tada:


Thank you! :slight_smile: They have been added to the doc-hub as well! :tada: