Contract's store data precision issue?

For example, in


base64check_decode(“cb_b4MCc/45s+9E”) and I got 6f830273fe39b3ef44, 273fe should be the actual value 2743e(160830 in decimal); 273fe+40=2743e.

but with aesophia_cli, I could get the right decoded value: 160830, other int values seem to be the same.

Not sure where you found base64check_decode or whatever it is supposed to do. But cb_b4MCc/45s+9E is indeed an integer in FATE ABI-encoding:

435> {_, FateVal} = aeser_api_encoder:decode(<<"cb_b4MCc/45s+9E">>).
436> aeb_fate_encoding:deserialize(FateVal).