Could a Blockchain Based Reputation System Prevent a Dystopian Future?


Hello everyone,

Reputation isn’t what it used to be :dizzy_face::smiling_imp:

In the digital era, there is no single universal reputation score that is tethered to our online identity. On the contrary - everybody can recreate their digital self in seconds, while trolls and fake accounts decide elections.

In this massive piece, we are trying to find out whether blockchain and tokenized reputation could be the solutions we all need:

Check it out and share your thoughts :wink:



The questions is metaphorical. You can pretend anyone you want to be but it will never actually make you a different person. In the past, people could cover up their identities in letters, books, songs or paintings. Someone was sincere and others were just lying to themselves and others. The same is happening today. What changed is what we’ve got some more tools in the face of the Internet and social nets to express ourselves truly or fake. People never change.