Creating Aeternity account


Hello, there are still only 91.000.000 erc20 AE tokens migrated to the Aeternity blockchain I see on

I’m understand the ledger Nano is ready to store AE’s. In the migrating aepp I can choose to create a aeternity account through airgap vault and through the ledger wallet. But the Choice for the ledger wallet still says: coming soon…

When will this be???


I think the team has yet to update the migration guide link for ledger. You can find the instructions to set up your ledger wallet at


Hello! Yes, we need to update the migration website and add Ledger as an option. We are working on integrating the Ledger in the migration process. For now, users can simply create an AE account with the Ledger/Base aepp and copy/paste it while going through the migrations steps. Double and triple check that the address is the correct one and note the style/colors of the icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the page.