CrowdClick - Strafleet Batch #3 - Feedback on Mockup

Hey Guys,

Ethan here, CEO of CowdClick. We are looking for feedback on our mockup’s user and publisher flow. AE Ventures summed up our project perfectly in their article which I’ll quote here:

Pay Per Click (PPC) invented in the 90s used paid users to click on your URL and go view.

The problem is that once a user clicks on the webpage they don’t pay attention to the information written on it. In other words, the attention part is missing. The users are not really active and a lot of them are what’s called dead traffic. With 47% of the Internet users using BlockAds the PPC model is slowly dying, but spending for ads is rising. This inspired the CrowdClick team to create a new model — Pay Per Attention (PPA). When the traffic comes to the website the users have to actually take actions — to be educated about what the project is doing as well answering questions or giving feedback.

In a way what they are doing is 2in1 solution taking the old PPC model and allowing crowd action features for collecting feedback and gaining quality traffic.

As a user, you are able to click, answer and earn crypto. How? It is very simple: you sign up, you add your public key or connect to a wallet and then you see the tasks feed where URL owners post requests and pay you to view their website. When you go to their website there is 30 seconds timer and when the time is up, you will have to answer some basic questions about the information on the website. When you answer you are paid in crypto.

Sweet, huh?

So we have created the whole publisher & user flow in a clickable mockup. What we would like you to do is go through it and put yourself in the shoes of both a user and a publisher. More specifically, the wallet signature signup process. A browser extension is easily understood and you’ll see there we have a button saying “connect to Waellet.” However, via mobile, we will also have a “connect to base.aepp” as right now we show just the URL code.

Questions for you to consider:

  • Was the flow simple and understandable?

  • Anything important you feel we are missing?

  • Is there anything you would like changed?

Please access the mockup link here.

Keep in mind this is desktop only, but it’s being built to be responsive. Some of you may be able to zoom in to fit your appropriate desktop size. If you can’t just ignore the white sides. Click away and we look forward to your feedback! Cheers.