Cryptocurrency is an asset firstly and programmable secondly


BTC is a valuable asset, and the main use case is collection. Because BTC is valuable, some people are willing to accept it as a payment. So bitcoin is only used as a payment method by a small group of people.

So as other cryptocurrency. ETH is a cryptocurrency too, and it is a programmable money. So ETH can be used in more use cases. But what matters is that, cryptocurrency is an asset firstly and programmable secondly.

So those pay enough effort to make the cryptocurrency valuable, is more likely to succeed, and a good money supply mechanism is an essential factor of a successful cryptocurrency.

AE need to pay more attention in money supply design and marketing to make AE currency popular.


AE need a max supply. This will encourage more people to hold AE.
AE currency succeed, then AE ecosytem will succeed.


AE is a programmable money.
In money aspect, It will compete will bitcoin and fait (on blockchain). POW and NG protocol help.
In programmable aspect, It will compete with etheruem and other blockchain. Smart contract, orace and state channel help.

All public chain is about money. Smart contract help the money to be used in more use cases.
Money is the society token economy. Money help connect the world, and improve the efficiency of all people.


Hey, interesting perspective on cryptocurrency. However, please note that inflation could provide a stimulus for spending. If, as in the case of Bitcoin, the total supply is fixed, the asset (bitcoin) becomes more of a store of value (hodling) than a currency. The primary question here being - why should I use this asset in this decentralized application if tomorrow that asset is worth more?

Cyrptocurrencies exhibiting features of money, shares, and commodities. However, these different assets perform different functions in an economy. Mixing them in a single asset creates a challenge.


However, there are plenty of inflation currencies. People are forced to use usd dollar and CNY.

Why they would like to choose AE, because AE’s inflation?Just assume you are an average joe.

AE have no reason to be chosen by the majority unless amount is limited. AE is not backed by governments.


People should choose AE if they think the AE is useful to the them in some way - using the blockchain platform and/or being part of the ecosystem that exists on the platform.


Users and inflation are in developers’ considerations.

Blockchain is a financial tech. The core is a good money supply policy, and then a good programming system to connect all use cases.


more users, more developers. More developers, more users.