[CryptoTask] A decentralized freelance marketplace


Dear forum members,

let us introduce CryptoTask, a decentralized freelance marketplace which will soon be running on Aeternity!

A little bit about us:
CryptoTask is the cure for the freelancing, a trillion $ industry that is suffering due to the colossal fees for both freelancers and employers, censorship, limited task size values and biased dispute mechanisms.

Just some of the many problems freelancers are experiencing right now:

One of the key innovations we introduce is an effective and scalable escrow and dispute mechanism.
We will enable freelancers to work more efficiently, pay less fees, and generally speaking have less headaches than before. We also offer the possibility for stake holders to earn as reviewers, which is a unique mechanism in freelance markets.

We invite you to stay tuned and join the freelancing revolution!


Hey @CryptoTask and welcome!

We’re happy to have you here!
I personally like your idea very much because as you said, freelancers up until now had quite a headache to find a viable job and be paid properly. I think there are significant entry barriers in the most popular freelancing platforms right now.

Keep the updates coming!


Hi @ae-albena thanks a lot for the warm welcome! Yes, we were working as freelancers for quite a long time ourselves and experienced those problems first hand, so we finally have the opportunity to do something about it. :slight_smile:

We’ll keep you updated with the progress.
Best regards

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Hello everyone,
a bit of news from today: we’ve just been listed on Crex24 exchange, they have around $1M daily volume. Direct link is: https://crex24.com/exchange/CTF-ETH

Best regards,
CryptoTask team


Great news! Congrats!


Thanks @ae-albena, more good news coming soon! :wink: