Dacade weekly updates

Hi everybody,

I’m Moritz from dacade.org. This is little thread for weekly updates on our progress; this might be interesting for you since aeternity is supporting two of our communities. We are thankful for any feedback.


CW06: 03.02.2020 - 09.02.2020

In the last week (CW06), 79 new users registered on dacade and 26 submissions were made.

22 submissions in the “Introduction to Blockchain community” and 4 new submissions in the “Aeternity Development 101 Community”.

The 4 new aepps build by the learners:

  • An Airbnb prototype
  • Catvoting
  • Prepaid card generator prototype
  • Event platform prototype

Check them out here https://dacade.org/ae-dev-101/submissions

Dacade product updates:

  • We took down the ethereum dev 101 community because the tutorial is outdated. But we plan on bringing it up again once its reworked, hopefully with some sponsorship too.
  • We introduced our native dacade currency, the dacade coin.
    • With dacade coins, we want to create an educational economy on dacade. Thus educational interactions can be traded.
    • Currently, you can earn dacade coins for making successful submissions, giving feedback or contributing to dacade.
    • We will soon add methods to spend dacade coins, for example, to pay for tutorials or reviews. At the moment, they are not tradable outside of dacade, we are still experimenting with them and want to develop the currency further with the community.

Thank you for your interest, any feedback is much appreciated!


Excelente, no se si es prematuro preguntar… pero cual seria la estructura de ese proyecto refiriendome al token de DACADE, como les gustaria impulsarlo :question: , ya que existen unos proyectos educativos como por ejemplo LBRY Credits (LBC)¨que pudieran evaluar y considerar para potenciar su vision e intension de la usabilidad a futuro de su proyecto.

Les deseo el mayor de los éxitos. :+1:


It would be fantastic to see a few apps as screencast which have been build in the past (for people that have difficulties to run them themselves).


Hello Adrian,

Thank you for your interest :).
Currently we don’t plan any type of token sale, that we would make promotion for. We just introduced the dacade coin as a currency on the platform to have an economy for educational interaction. So people can earn the coins for helping others to learn and in return spend tokens to people who help them learn.
We also created it to incentivise people who want to help build the project. We may add the possibility to earn dacade coins for referrals and maybe at some point create a blockchain token that can be tradable outside of the platform. But this is further down the road!

I would be happy to see you earn some dacade coins by submitting to the web dev 101 community or giving people feedback to their websites!

Ciao y gracias Adrian


That is very good idea. Will try to make time to record some, maybe it could also be posted on social media and be a way to promote the community.


CW07: 10.02.2020 - 16.02.2020

In the last week (CW07), we had 180 new visitors on dacade, 128 registered, 19 submissions were made.

15 submissions in the “Introduction to Blockchain community” and 2 new submissions in the “Aeternity Development 101 Community”.

The 2 new aepps build by the learners:

  • An online rent payment system
  • A parking lot recording dapp

Dacade product updates:

And here the prototype for the app that we are going to build in the tutorial, an endless run game build in JS https://moritzfelipe.github.io/dacadeJs/


CW08: 10.02.2020 - 16.02.2020

  • In the last week (CW08), we had 156 new visitors on dacade, 57 registered, 6 submissions were made.

6 submissions in the “Introduction to Blockchain community”

Dacade product updates:

Any feedback is much appreciated!


Is this based on AE?