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Hey @moritzfelipe, interesting update. thank you for the info.


What is the progress of ae’s prophecy machine and what cooperation projects are there?

Hey beijing, I think you better ask this question in another part of the forum. Since I don’t know the answer :).

CW11: 09.03.2020 - 15.03.2020

  • IMPORTANT All rewards for Aeternity development 101 and Introduction to Blockchain have been set to 0 until further notice. We currently don’t have an agreement with aeternity to continue the issuance of ae tokens as rewards.
  • In the last week (CW11), we had 99 new visitors on dacade, 35 registered, 3 submissions were made.

9 submissions in the “Introduction to Blockchain community” and 2 new submissions in the “Aeternity Development 101 Community”.

The new aepp build by the learners:

  • An event aepp

Dacade product updates:


I regret the news, as it is not very encouraging, getting a reward for learning new development technologies represents a great motivation to continue the study. In particular, I was close to posting my challenge, and I was hopeful of receiving the reward.

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The removal of the reward is very discouraging both for me and my students, they all lost motivation due to the removal of the price. I really hope aeternity reconsiders this

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