[Data2HONEY] Your Data-Airbnb company for renting your data for money, while keeping anonymity, control and ownership

Dear all,

As a CEO of HONEYCOMB Colony community members and Data2HONEY product being at its core, I am delighted to join here, my fellow co-Starfleet 1 incubator brothers and sisters!

On the community side, we are gathering all individuals and intitutions which are aware of tremendous value and potentials of data on one side & critical importance of keeping our privacy one another,

On the product side, we are launching the first personal DataVAULT end-to-end system, which will enable you to gather all of your data in one place in a safe and structured way, which you will be able to connect with our backbone (if so desired). Such a connection will enable you to rent away your data for money, while still keeping privacy, control, and ownership over your data a the same time!

We can achieve this by never giving away data that you will rent to interested parties, but only enable them to analyze them and get results out of that data. Remember, the biggest value lies in information, not in data itself? Data needs to be analyzed and interpreted first, in order to get the biggest value out of it. In such a way, you earn money while renting away your data and still keeping privacy, ownership, and control, and another party also gets something of crucial importance in today’s world - information! >>> Imagine that you are simply renting away your data same way you are renting away your apartment on Airbnb (and not selling it instead) …and we are just building an infrastructure which will enable you to do this - same way that Airbnb needed to build their platform.


Thank you @Data2HONEY and welcome :slight_smile:

PS : https://www.honeycomb-colony.io

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And now, on the topic about our journey in Aeternity Starfleet incubator, first edition :slight_smile:

Everything started when we met Luka in one of the blockchain conferences in the spring of 2018. Right afterward, the web application process started. It looks like Aetertnity Ventures commission liked idea, vision, team and what was done so far at that time and we got invited for an amazing one week in Sofia!

In Sofia, they have organized for us workshops, tutorials and pitch days, where we got a chance to develop missing parts of our business model and/or pitching flaws. At the end of the week, there was a pitch competition, and 1 best projects got into the next round. that was it for the first part. we all returned to our home towns.

Ahead of us, were 4 weeks of hard work, where we had to close all the gaps and tasks that were given to us, before we could come to final competition pitch day held in Sofia again.

and again, we were “the lucky ones”, meaning selected to get investment from Aeternity Ventures team!

In months to come, we got all paperwork in order, like selecting the best jurisdiction for Blockchain startup, opening a company there, aligning terms & conditions of investment tranches, etc…

Investment tranches were transferred to us as agreed, and we transferred agreed investment share to our Aeternity Ventures shareholders :slight_smile:

Even though my background comes from Investment Banking working for biggest banks in the world, I can really honestly say, that whole process was really “educational” one for me. I learned really a lot - sooo much. Something like no regular job can prepare you for. But, I must admit, that it was also very exhausting one, so get ready to have lots of stamina on the stock if you really want to “survive” this liberating, really educationally and personality growing process :slight_smile:

Thank you Luka, Steffy, Nikola, Valentin, Yoanna and all the rest of the team for the amazingly great experience you “forced” us to go through - and all the hard work you have put in, in weeks and months prior, during and after Starfleet programme :slight_smile:


Hey @Data2HONEY, thank you so much for telling us about your journey as a part of the first batch of #Starfleeters :slight_smile: We are sure that your experience will inspire and motivate many more teams to take that first step and participate as well!

In the meantime, we are all so eager to get updates about your work, current challenges and victories, so please share as much as possible!


Data2HONEY project development update, Oct.2019

Dear all,

A lot has happened since our last post on this forum, but to keep it short & simple for all of you guys, I will list just few the most important ones
a) Started pilot projects with one of the largest state owned health insurance companies in one of EU member states.
b) We have pitched our project in front of state owned and managed fund with a possibility to get 200.000 eur of EU grants
c) Started a negotiation process with potential investor for about 1.500.000 eur investment

I know that written above is very vague and lacks a lot of details, but trust me, as soon as we will be allowed to publish the details on any of deals mentioned above, I will be more than glad to do so!


“Dont Sell Your Data, Rent It and Keep Ownership, Control and PRIVACY Over Your Data, While Still Earning Benefits (money) at the Same Time!” …all that only with Data2HONEY project :slight_smile:


Great, congratulations.

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