Demo Day of Starfleet 3 + Selected Projects

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that the culmination of Starfleet 3 - the Demo Day will take place in Microsoft Innovation Center Malta on the 12.12.2019 from 13:30h!

10 amazing blockchain startups will showcase their projects and will pitch for an investment of up to $100k and 6 months of acceleration with the best biz dev and blockchain experts.


Here are the teams that received investment offers:

  • SmartCredit - Every lender will become a bank and every holder will receive in interest.
  • King Football - An app that can help you identify with one click if an item is fake or original
  • Cannomy - Helping new and emerging cannabis ventures, held back by obscure regulations and lack of financial infrastructure, to source fund using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
  • Assetify - A turn-key solution to enable lending institutions to provide credits to customers and use digital assets such as cryptocurrency as collateral.

You can learn more about these projects and for the ones that did not reach the investment offer stage in this blog post.

So in other words - we have two Supply Chain Management and two Decentralized Finance aepps. Having in mind that these are currently the sectors where blockchain technology is considered to be most effective, i think the selection is solid.

What I want to see is real-word use. Fast.


That’s the plan :slight_smile: some will have cool annoucements very soon


Congratulations to all the teams :blush: And as Luka said - there are no winners or losers so keep up the good work, everyone, and show us some real-world applications!



It would be good to know how the “losers” can proceed from here, it would be great not to lose them actually :slight_smile:


Hey Erik, yes that’s exactly planned for next week with all of the teams, series of calls with feedback


Here’s the official announcement in Bloomberg:

Welcome, Assetify, Cannomy, King Football, and Smart Credit to the AE family!


I’m sorry that I still can’t get in, please.

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You can’t get in Starfleet?
I can’t get into this?

Hey @xupei here is the content:

AE Ventures to Invest in Four new Blockchain Startups

Global accelerator program æternity Starfleet continues to support the
blockchain ecosystem

MALTA, Dec. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) – AE Ventures,
an investment company that provides initial funding, acceleration, and
advisory support to blockchain projects, today announced four new Investments
in Blockchain Startups as a part of its leading global blockchain accelerator
Starfleet. The company is continuing to support the blockchain ecosystem
investing in the most promising projects in this area despite the crypto
market’s long standing problems. Four winning startups: Assetify, Cannomy,
King Football, and Smart Credit, will each receive up to $100,000 USD in
venture investment as well as six months of acceleration including support in
the field of technology, business development, marketing and legal affairs
from the AE Ventures team. Most importantly, they will retain access to
Starfleet’s solid mentorship network, knowledge base, and expertise as part of
the accelerator.

Situated in Malta – the well-known blockchain island, the third edition of the
Starfleet accelerator program drew global coverage, attracting hundreds of
startups from all over the world. The accelerator program is also streamed
worldwide. Microsoft Innovation Center, Malta is a leading partner and host of
the program’s third edition. Thanks to this partnership the startups would
have further opportunity to incorporate in Malta. Additionally, Starfleet
accelerator will start its first program in Bangalore, India, next year– thus
expanding the scope of its activities.

“Starfleet Malta enables us to leverage our broad experience in developing
blockchain projects, the strong expertise of our mentors and the support of
the fast-growing blockchain ecosystem to welcome innovative blockchain
companies into the AE Ventures family,” said Nikola Stojanow, CEO of AE
Ventures. “With these new investments, we’re really looking forward to joining
forces with promising startup teams to showcase the full potential of
blockchain technologies that are changing the world.”

“At Microsoft, we believe that technology can empower all organizations and
all people to achieve more; and that is exactly what we are doing with our MIC
partners and AE Ventures,” said Vangelis Morfis, Microsoft’s M&O Lead for
Greece, Cyprus, Malta. “Our partnership is promoting technology in Malta to
help shape a better future for all. We are very proud to reward the work done
by these start-ups in the areas of innovative technologies, such as
Blockchain, and we commit to do even more in the coming months!”

The four new teams backed by Starfleet accelerator are:

Assetify, a b2b platform for crypto-backed loans, enabling lending
institutions to provide credits using digital assets as collateral. The
platform automates the relations between the user of the loan and the lender,
creating multi-signature wallets. This is much cheaper and less risky. The
company already has two paying customers — one bank in Switzerland and one
lander in Bulgaria.

Cannomy, a pioneer of the cannabis economy, combining the benefits of
promising blockchain technologies with the fast-growing cannabis ecosystem.
The team is using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to source the funding of
new ventures in this field and facilitate their operations and manage

King Football is using chips and æternity blockchain to help football fans
track easily items and identify if they are fake or original. Building on this
functionality, the team is creating a social platform allowing fans to receive
personalized messages from football stars as well as to trade original items,
creating a big secondary market. The popular Bulgarian football player Dimitar
Berbatov is also involved in the project and 14 series of its painted by
himself items are already live on æternity blockchain.

SmartCredit is aiming to democratize the lending industry, using transferable
tokenized credit, and thus helping every lender to become a bank. This huge
industry is responsible for 90% of the money available today and its
decentralization will bring significant new advantages. The platform will
create 2-click consumer credits (money on demand) for the borrower and tools
like credit tokenization, credit transferability and interest-bearing to the

The four teams were selected out of ten startups who pitched for investment on
the Demo Day, which was held on December 12, 2019 in Microsoft Innovation
Center, Malta and broadcasted live worldwide."