in Header of the main site


I suggest that a link to should be in the header of the main site at

Currently it is in a place that is really hard to find.

Now you need to scroll to the bottom of the site to get to the link.


Thank you for this suggestion @ugran, the main website is currently being “restructured” and we’ll take your suggestions in account :wink:


Also guys you should start working in advance to get contact information of as many ethereum developers (like projects that build, or are already built upon ethereum at the moment) as possible, so you can in invite them to aeternity conference when you organize one.

This is really crucial for your success :slight_smile:


Here is the list of projects on ethereum.

These guys are the best audience for AE conference thats in the roadmap.


Hey, we are thinking of preparing a blog post about the ETH projects that moved to aeternity and the reasons behind their choice. Thank you for your suggestions!


Is there any place to view the list of aepp-based projects now? If not, does the AE team plan to launch such a website?


Hey @xupei - exists but will also be updated soon.

There is an aepps section in the community-built explorer where you can see some of the aepps built on top of æternity -

And you can check the Starfleet category here in the Forum to follow the progress of all startups from batch 2018 and batch 2019 that are currently building their products and services on æternity :slight_smile:


I know what you said above, but it is not updated in time, and the aepp in it is not complete? I want to see all the aepp information.