Developer Manifesto Proposal

Hello beloved æ community,

I’m currently thinking of writing a Developer Manifesto proposal with you all for every dev who wants to join and contribute to the æ ecosystem. So my question to you: What’s important for you as a developer joining our community? What kind of values should we live and represent to any newby (and even existing community members)?
Here’re some thoughts I’ve made so far:

  • We are an open and welcoming community project where no one should work for anyone but for the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Everyone should always help and support each other in their best way.
  • Any developer shouldn’t be treated by other developers from other community projects like they are just there to support and work for them like a Blockchain as a Service.
  • Software development takes time like building a table or chair as an artisan, so being patient and solution oriented is the key.
  • Being a good developer doesn’t mean only to know your skills but also being a team player and treating other community members right.
  • Being independent and pragmatic is the most important thing for such a distributed project and eco system because of being spread around the world and still a very young technology.
  • If you can solve the problem by your own (even if it’s not your main project), then just do it and don’t wait for others to do it for you.
  • Make your questions public in the forum and always share your knowledge and solutions with the community.
  • Have fun while building and keep your precious curiosity and passion alive which brought you here! :slight_smile:

Very excited to hear YOUR inputs! :slight_smile: :tada:



There is also a code of conduct.


I think the code of conduct should be sufficient. About a manifesto there was the discussion from the Apps-Summit, which version I prefer over this.

But the one from the summit is a general one, which was really nice, I agree. I’d wish to have one for developers who decide to contribute to the project with code :smiley: Do you know what I mean?

Yes, I know. But I think a code of conduct is the better tool for this.


Ok, thank you for your feedback, Piwo! :heart: So I forward it to the marketing team that they should make the (dev) community more aware of it :slight_smile: