Developers Hangout University of Jos

We had a very good discussion and a review of the hackathon with the 45 participants that came for the developers’ hangout at the University of Jos.
We took some time to have an introduction on how smart contract works and how they can be implemented on aepps. Because it was our first meeting we didn’t dwell much on trying some of the syntax I only gave a brief about it. We agreed as a team we are going to work on a unique voting aepp for elections in Nigerian universities and colleges and deploy it on aeternity. We unanimously agreed that this will be a great means of adoption for blockchain in the various Nigerian Universities.
One of the biggest challenges I am currently facing are: aeternity is the first blockchain platform to engage these students so they are trying to learn how smart contracts works and they are learning real fast. Secondly they are students and so they are trying to balance academics and learning learning about blockchain from aeternity.


Hey @Steviekusu!

Congratulations on your first dev hangout! I think a great resource for the students could be the aeternity-focused course. If they complete it successfuly and create a simple app, they are rewarded with 100 USD in AE tokens :slight_smile:

I think the idea about trying to create a voting app for internal use in universities is great! Actually, it could be something that could be supported by the aeternity Crypto Foundation. If you think it is a good idea, you can apply here.

I think academics and learning about blockchain tech could be well-balanced if, for example, this voting aepp is being considered as some kind of an official task for the students by the university (like a mandatory project in the curriculum). Not sure if this is possible.

Thanks again for organizing this. If you have any other questions or need support, get in touch with me or @erik93.



Oh thank you. I will be hanging out with some dev communities this week and the next. I hope we have some positive feedback.

Here is an interesting question from this meetup: Since aeternity is a public blockchain, does it mean that private solutions can’t be deployed on it?