Difference between various Blockchain protocols


As the developers are constantly using different network protocols of blockchain such as Hyperledger, multichain, Ethereum, Corda, and others. Community will appreciate if the developers & blockchain enthusiasts can pour in some key differences between various types of blockchains as mentioned above.

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For the technical information about aeternity, you can find all the blogs here:https://blog.aeternity.com/tagged/aeternity

For example:

About the difference of the orcales with Augur、Chainlink、Oraclize and with Aeternity.

For the smart contracts: https://blog.aeternity.com/how-smart-contracts-might-change-the-way-we-live-141f776a45cf

If for the technicl codes and other inforamtion, you can also find in github:https://github.com/aeternity

After that, if you still have any questions about aeternity, please ask us freely.

Thank you and hope this information can have any help.



I found this article a few days ago, You might find it interesting :slight_smile: