Does Aeternity welcome ASICs?


For Grin to attract ASIC manufacturers, we committed to our primary PoW of Cuckatoo31+ in this post

It occurred to me that some manufacturers might want to develop ASICs that can mine Cuckoo29 as well as Cuckatoo31+. Does Aeternity plan to make a similar commitment to its PoW?


Wow!!! To even ask the question is to be from another planet. Aeternity sold their ICO on decentralization and ASICs are the ultimate in centralization. Aeternity should never allow ASICs.

So not only No, but hell NO we do NOT welcome ASICs!!!


Many cryptocurrencies started out as ASIC resistant, and ended up accepting or even embracing them. Grin itself hoped that Cuckoo Cycle would offer serious resistance. But it seems reality has caught up with that hope and last year we decided to be ASIC friendly in the long term.

I just want Aeternity to clearly state their current stance. If they are serious about ASIC resistance, then they should change the PoW on a frequent basis, e.g. every 6 months. Is that being planned?

If they want to wait for ASICs to appear before deciding how to deal with them, then that’s also worth stating.

Does that reflect the opinion of the Aeternity leadership?