Domain name browser Now online

Hello everyone, after this period of development
Based on the aeasy-io framework, I realized the development of the domain name browser
Current browser features include

  1. Position ranking of domain names
  2. The number of domain names and other basic information
  3. Domain names that will be auctioned soon
  4. Domain names sorted by price
  5. Domain names that will expire
  6. My registered domain name
  7. My domain name that is about to expire
  8. Domain name details include (transfer domain name, markup domain name, update domain name)
  9. Register domain names
    Later, I will use the smart contract to write otc domain names.

The above functions and data are developed based on the aeasy-io framework. Aeasy includes the node API and the middleware API, which you are welcome to experience

The website is:

Aens open source address:
Aeasy open source address:

If you think I did a good job, I hope you can give me a star to show your support. Thank you all


well done. Proud of your work.

Nice work~how about add trading/exchanging functions in the future?

Then we could sell/buy nice AENS names in a quick way.


there is currently somehow a limitation to do that using smart contracts. it is generally already possible to do but in my opinion - to cover all edge cases - we need to wait for the upcoming iris hardfork which introduces advanced AENS related built-in functions for Sophia

this is also something we aim to provide in the future.

@Baixin: great work! good to see more interfaces evolving :slight_smile: what I personally don’t like that I am asked to provide a mnemonic key at certain places within the app


Thank you for your support

Thank you for your reply. Some functions require mnemonics, which we will improve soon

Picked up a typo on the english version of…chagne language should be change language…great work on this project, thank you…you are verified for super hero tips?

Thanks for your reminding. We fixed the problem as soon as we received your reminding. Now we can check the latest version

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