End of the Year Meetup In Jos, Nigeria


It was a massive turn out today as I wrap up my Crypto event for the Year. We had a very fruitful Aeternity meetup today in Jos with about 40 participants. We discussed liquid governance, State Channel, Scalability and efficiency on the aeternity’s blockchain.
Also we look at how we could ease transportation, security and food security by having more SME’s in Jos creating more aepps on the aeternity’s blockchain. Jos has alot of security challenges and so we spent good amount of time considering the use case of improving security in the state using blockchain technology.


Very nice job! It looks very well organized, congrats.


Thank you very much. I really had a good time


Hi @Steviekusu,

Those are some very interesting ideas, good work, we hope you all keep working on them. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep spreading the word about æternity! :slightly_smiling_face: